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Here are the top ten articles for the Gay/Lesbian Relationships Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. The Love Dare Week One
Take a look at the first seven dares of The Love Dare, and my personal experience in completing the first week of challenges.

2. What To Do When Your Partner Is In The Closet
The struggles you face when you are out, but your partner is still in the closet, and how to deal with your relationship.

3. Interview With Stephanie Silberstein
I recently read and reviewed the novel Shades of Gay, by Stephanie Silberstein. I asked her for a chance to ask her some questions about her and her book, this is what she had to say.

4. Unrealistic Expectations of Blended Families
Choosing to merge two families into one can be an exciting, yet difficult experience. Take a look at some unrealistic expectations that can often cause serious problems for the parents and children involved in blended families.

5. The Love Dare Book Review
The Love Dare is a book based off the movie Fireproof. In the movie a man who is facing divorce, recieves a 40-day challenge from his father, testing his character and ultimately helping him save his marriage. The Love Dare is the 40-day challenge, meant to help you "save" or improve your marriage.

6. Gay Characters in NaNoWriMo
It wasn't that long ago that a gay character in a novel was for comic relief or acted as a dire warning. Luckily, modern times gives us a far wider range of options.

7. The Dark Side of the Lifestyle
Every lifestyle probably has its dark side. This is truer for gays, mayhaps, than most other communities. Guilt, anxiety and fear start at an early age. If these feelings are not dealt with, they can lead to a lifetime of misery or even suicide.

8. Gotta Fix Something To Feel Attractive?
Have you ever thought about a breast implant or penial enhancement to improve your relationship with your partner? Is this just a ´straight´ thing? Let´s discuss it.

9. I Love You??
What do you mean when you say those magic words, "I Love You."? What does it mean when someone says it to you? Is it possible that you both are on different wavelengths?

10. Loving Yourself
Does loving someone else depend on loving yourself? What´s the difference between loving yourself and self-esteem?

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